Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Octo-dog for Lunch

Today I tried to spice things up at lunch time and introduced the kids to Octo-dogs.   Aren't they cute? 

Let me ask does this say anything about their personalities...Lawson ate the legs first....Wesley ate the head first. 
They loved there special lunch and eating at their table. 

 All in the effort to keep things fun on these HOT HOT Summer days (WRAL just reported it is the 61st day this year we have topped 90 degrees.) 

We were also Slip-n-Sliding at 9AM this morning! We can't go to the pool until next week.  Wesley's ear drum ruptured last week and Lawson got croup, and I was sick too so we are just taking it easy this week.

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Mommy said...

Oh my word! The octodogs are fantastic!!! I am TOTALLY stealing that idea and using it soon!!! ;-)