Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cailyn is 4 Months Old

My sweet baby is 4 months old.  I will say this a million times over but how can 4 months go by so fast??? 

She is growing by leaps and bounds these last few weeks.  She might of started off smaller then her brother and sister but I think she is quickly catching up.  We will see next week.

Here is her official 4 month picture.  In this picture she is wearing her Christening Gown and a handkerchief bonnet. 


The symbolic part of this bonnet is she wears it on her Christening Day and then on her Wedding Day it is something old.  It makes me cry…I think that is so sweet.  She thinks it is funny!!!


The dress was mine as a child.  She wore this also on her Christening Day.  I will post pictures of that day this week.

What you can tell from this picture….

1. Cailyn has blue eyes (I think they are here to stay)

2. I rubbed all her hair off in the bath one day (I am assuming it was suppose to do that)…and now it is growing back beautifully….if I was a betting person, I would bet it will be light golden brown like her brothers.

3. She has excellent head control although 9 times out of 10 at tummy time…the child falls asleep.

4. She is the happiest baby!! OMG, the Lord truly blessed us!!


Other things about what Cailyn is doing…she love sucking her fingers. Ugh!!!


Or sometimes her thumb. Double ugh!!


We are trying everything in our power to stop the thumb and go for a paci or a teething ring!!


Cailyn is getting SO big… and she found her feet. 


Lastly, look who is trying to sit up!!


Cailyn this has been the best 4 months!! You complete our family and we love watching you grow, but do your mommy a favor…slow down.  It is hard to explain how my kids keep aging and I do not!!

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Elizabeth said...

She is too cute! I need to see her again soon:)