Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lawson’s Friends are turning 6

Oh my!! It started around February when Lawson started getting inviting to several birthday parties for her friends that were turning 6.  She was unable to attend them because I used “we have a new baby in the house” as an excuse.  Well, I think I was using my “new baby” as an excuse so I could avoid the fact that her friends are turning 6 which means…Lawson will soon be six.

This weekend we went to Baylor’s Birthday party  We met his parents in our Child Birthing Class and have remained friends.  It was a great get-together at their home and the kids got to play on their super-cool pirate ship.

Here is Captain Baylor and Lawson is the navigator.


Ahoy Mate!!


Then the focus turned to super heroes.  I was shocked to see Wesley sporting a face mask.  He was batman!!


Wesley had the best time playing with a group of 5 year old boys  He really does not know he is only 3!


Then is was time for cake and ice cream. 


Happy Birthday Baylor.  In a few weeks Lawson will be 6 YEARS OLD…

As of Thursday May 5th Lawson has 26 days of Kindergarten and then she will be going into the 1st grade…. WHAT??? Where did this year go??  I have a feeling I am going to say that every year.  Ugh!! They truly grow up too fast!!

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