Friday, May 20, 2011

Guess who is in the final 2??

Our hometown idol!! Scotty McCreery!!
Last weekend Scotty McCreery came home for his homecoming and we were there to help celebrate.  Our friends the Spesshardts gave us there VIP pass to their neighborhood (they can see the McCreery house from their house) and we were able to walk to the park for the festivities.  The kids had a blast although they were not too sure what all the fuss was about at first. 
Here are our troopers heading towards the park.
Wesley didn’t walk too long and then ended up riding in their wagon….with Brant pulling him.
When we got to the park this is what we saw…
Check out all the port-a-potties.  LUCKILY no one had to use one!!!
Here are our real men…one pushing a stroller the other pulling a wagon. 
Can you tell Cailyn was happy to see Scotty???
We did have to wait awhile and they kids hung out and had the best time together…
Then it was time for the parade.
The parade was cute since they really only had 24 hours to put it together.
I thought this was super cute!!
Then the man of the hour…guess what??? He is a Wolfpack fan!! Ha!!
So proud of our hometown idol!! What a fun memorable day.  So glad we could be apart of something so special for our little town.  Thanks Spesshardts for having us over!!!
Wesley and Scotty 2
Here is my little man with Scotty!!
I should note that Lawson is now in LOVE with Scotty and says “Scotty is a Hottie”  Lord, help me!!!

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