Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Program

Last week we enjoyed a short (I mean REALLY short) program at Wesley’s school.  It really consisted of them saying “Cheers to you mom and dad!”  Or if you are my child…hiding behind everyone and not saying a thing. I have grown accustom to this kind of behavior from my kids at school programs.  Then Wesley gave us our super sweet gifts and we enjoyed donuts and muffins together.
Here is Wesley during the program (using that term loosely!)DSC_1449
Collins was able to take off time from work and be there for him.  I know it meant the world to Wesley!
Here I am with my big boy!! Wow, he has grown leaps and bounds this year!!                                                             DSC_1456
A rare photo of Collins and me with just Wesley.  DSC_1457
Here is the cute sign they made us!DSC_1459
We love our Wesley!!!

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