Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let’s go Fishing!!

One of Collins’ favorite hobbies happens to be fishing.  I really think he could fish everyday if he could.  While we were at the beach over the 4th (a little late in my post, sorry) Collins took the kids fishing several times.  The kids LOVED it. Fishing is not gender specific in this house.  Girls can fish too (or at least Lawson can!)  Not only that Lawson caught more fish too!!

Here are some pictures of their experience…


Wesley waiting so patiently…


What a beautiful sunset. 


Lawson waiting patiently too…except with a little more attitude (in a model type of way)


Lawson was the first one to catch a fish.  She reeled it in all by herself too!! 


I forgot the final count but I think Lawson ended up catching 3 that evening and Wesley caught 2.  (Wesley probably would have had more luck had he kept the tip of his rod out of the water!)

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