Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Trip up to VA

The week after Lawson got out of school I decided to take myself and the kids to see my family in VA.  I love visiting my family in VA and I had not been there since last summer!  So I backed out backs and off we went…


3 kids in the backseat, 1 mommy and no DVD player (we are old school).  Believe it or not, the kids were AWESOME!  They played so nicely, had the best time with car games and helped me out with Cailyn when necessary.  We stopped twice on the way up and everyone was great.  Whew!

The kids were thrilled to see McKenna.  They love their cousin!  She was showing them her new potty  (can never start too young!)


Lauren got a new Ipad2 and the kids had a great time playing on that.  Even Cailyn got into the action. 


Wesley just being silly.  He asked me to take his picture (which never happens so I took this picture)


Lawson brought up her American Girl Doll and Nana pulled out Lauren’s AGD, Molly.  Lawson had a great time strolling them around.  So sweet. 


While we were their it was COLD (for June) we did make it to the park.


We set up a picnic with the kids.  That was fun!


Here we all are minus Cailyn (she was asleep in the stroller)


The kids enjoying the fresh air!


McKenna is such a sweet Newt (their nickname for her) she loved giving Cailyn kisses


We did go to the pool and the kids had a great time there.

Then Dah surprised us and came home from OH early to spend some time with the kiddos. He took a day off and  Lauren and I decided to take the youngest kids to Target and leave the big kids with Dah.  At that point that is when our trip went a little sour.  Mom and Dad’s dog Butler escaped (thanks to a little boy letting him out) and the dog did not return until the next afternoon when someone returned him. Da*n Dog!!

It truly was the LONGEST night ever.  You can read about it here.  I am not sure if I was more upset about the dog or the fact that we might be THAT family that causes disaster everywhere we go.  I know you know those type of families  They walk into the room and everyone grabs all the breakables out of fear of what havoc they will cause.  I hope we aren’t that family…

I was relieved on our trip home that Butler was safe and sound at home.  All in all we had a great time in VA!! We will be back soon.

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