Monday, July 18, 2011

Time with Grammy and Pops

After the July 4th Holiday Collins, Cailyn and I left the beach and the big kids stayed for a fun filled few days.  I was a little worried about leaving Wesley but let me tell you the child never for one moment got homesick.  Hmmm, my plan for a momma’s boy might not be going exactly to plan- Kidding… With all the fun activities at the beach the kids had a blast!!!

Before we left we got a picture of the grandparents and the kids. They love their Grammy and Pops!

Pops and Grammy with kids

I know I do not have the pictures in order but here is a little synopsis of their days together. 

The kids had art time…(I now am a proud owner of two sun ornaments, love them)

Art Time

The had exploring time…this was there favorite time I think…

Exploring Time

Lawson collecting several different types of specimens.

Lawson digging for crabs

Checking them out and describing them.

Checking out our discovery

They kept them for a short while and then let them go.

Hermit Crab

Lawson caught lots of crabs.

Learning about crabs

It was pirates night at the Aquarium.  FUN, FUN!

Pops and Wes Aquarium

Wesley loves sharks and was THRILLED to see this sand shark get inches away from him and bury in the sand.

Wes and Lawson Sand Shark

They also went to Fort Macon to check out the cannons. 

Fort time

Pictures from the fort…

Gale the kidsJames and kids

This left the kids exhausted!! The child that never sleeps during the day took a nap almost every day!  Go figure!


Grammy and Pops, I know for a fact the big kids time with you was a trip they will not soon forget.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of them…so when are you ready for three????



gale said...

It was a time with the grandkids we will never forget! This time with them made our hearts sing! Good job Collins and Maridith on having the BEST children ever! Yes, we are looking forward when Cailyn can join the crowd too!
Grammy Gram

Anonymous said...

Loved every minute! Kids were great and yes there will come a day when all three will be a joy for us to have lots of fun and make memories with. Thanks for being such good parents and allowing us to have such adventures with Wes and Sugee. Lots of love, Pops