Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swim Lessons

The big kids have been taking swim lessons the last two weeks (when we have been able to get there due to car issues).  The kids are having a great time and I am happy to report they are learning lots. 

Wesley’ class…


Go Wesley, go Wesley…


Lawson is a little fish.  The teacher told me Lawson is a very strong swimmer and if she kept up with it could be very good…can you say swim team next year!


  I will be honest I give her semi-full reign at the pool and when I was doing my scan of where Lawson was how shocked so you think I was when I saw her 30+ feet up high?? 


Now she goes down the big slide all by herself!!!


Lawson after the big slide ride.  I bet she went down 15 times that day!


Luckily Wesley is perfectly content on the slides only 4 feet high!


Last but not least Sweet Cailyn.  She loves the pool too!



gale said...

I am so proud of the new swimming accomplishments! The kids look like they are having a ball! Even Cailyn's smile is just intoxicating!

Heather said...

Hey girl! I have missed seeing you at the pool. We've been busy with playdates and summer camp. We should be there next Monday. Hope to see you! *Good luck with the car issues, too. No fun, I bet!