Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Crazy Unbelievable Night

What would you do if you woke up to this during the middle of the night? 


Not the best picture but I think  you can tell it is a FIRE!!

Yes, you read that correctly last night at 12:15AM I saw the perimeter of my back yard on fire.  I could see a shed was on fire (10+ foot flames) and the backyard of our side neighbors yard was on fire. I immediately woke up Collins with “Our house is on fire.”  Not exactly true but to get him out of the bed quickly those were my choice words.  It worked.  So Collins, Cailyn and I watched in disbelief the craziness unfold.  Actually Cailyn was asleep in my arms and was sleeping like a baby!

Because our yard and driveway has easy access to the backyard the firefighters used our yard for access.  See all the hoses. DSC_1090

I had to wake up my neighbor (Nancy, Bob was in the mountains) to inform her that her backyard was on fire.  Not the best way to wake up.  She came over to the house and we comforted her. She was a little bit hysterical.  I will admit I was too when I first woke up.  My only thought was the safety of my family and what we needed to do if we had to leave our home.  What would you grab besides the kids?  Makes you think.

This is were the fire started, It took about 40 minutes to put out this fire.


This is the massive fire truck in our driveway.  I should mention Lawson was awoken by the lights.  She never got scared just watched all the craziness.  Wesley was sound asleep. Our street was lite up like Forth of July.  There were 5 fire trucks, 1 ambulance, 2 deputy sheriffs, and lots of volunteer rescuers’ cars.  It really was surreal.  I still can’t put my arms around all the events that unfolded in our yard!!


They also used our extended driveway too. 


This is where it started.  Our back neighbor’s shed. Cause yet to be determined.


This is our side neighbors yard.  Notice the fence was removed to access their yard.


This is the back of our property.  This is the most damage we had.  Let this be a testimony to cleaning your yard of debris and leaves.  It is a FIRE HAZARD!!! Thank you, Collins for your effort to keep our yard so clean!  It did not spread to our yard but a few inches!


The fire started on the right, back side and spread the whole length of our back neighbor’s property to the left.  It circled our property.  CRAZY!


This is a good perimeter shot of our yard.  No damage.


This is my neighbor’s shed that caught on fire and was destroyed, probably 50 feet from where the fire started. See how close our shed was too the fire?  But because we did not have leaves surrounding it- all was safe.


Our neighbor Bob and Nancy were not as lucky (another reason being a pack rat is unsafe), but everyone is safe and that is all that matters.


Something like this does help put things into perspective.  As long as my family is safe that is all the matters.  Material things can be replace..people can not!!


I am going to get some rest.  It was a REALLY long night and I am now sick with whatever has been passed around this house!! Ugh!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! Praise God that all of the people are safe and that you woke up to get help.
I'm home tomorrow...feel free to drop Wes by if you need some extra rest.
BTW, he sleeps like me:)

CharGrill said...

Oh my goodness Maridith, I just read about last night's events - thank goodness you and your family and your property were all safe!!! We don't many leaves that make it near the house, but this has given me motivation to make sure they are far away!! So thankful you are all safe - good luck resting!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you and your family are OK. What a crazy and scary night for you guys! Good thing you and Collins make sure the leaves are away from the house and shed!