Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lawson’s First Camp-In

Lawson had her first sleepover with the Girl Scouts.  The child was counting the minutes until it was time to go.  It didn’t help that Lawson had Veteran’s Day off of school so unfortunately the day lasted even LONGGGG-ER to her (If you know Lawson you can hear her and her dramatic tones.)

About an hour before the time to leave one of her friends came over so I could drop them off together.  Here are the girls ready to go…DSC_2678

I have to laugh at this picture for several reasons.  Here are my thoughts…

Lawson's First Camp In

She was taught at the camp-in…

1. Girls wear tennis shoes/hiking shoes on the trails when they really go camping.

2. You bring what you can carry!!

Anyway. She had the best time and stayed up REALLY LATE.  Like 1AM late, but that is all the fun of being a kid.  Yes, she paid the price the next morning.  She was grumpy and ill.  I had to call up my parents the next day to say…”I understand now, and wow, I am sorry!” It was a total flashback when I saw her eyes tear up because I refused to give her brownies at 9:30 in the morning!

Her first “camp-in” was a success and she had a great time!!! She stayed there the whole night and between you and me the peer pressure kept her from sucking her finger!! So she said that is why she didn’t sleep that well either. Rats…

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