Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope that you all had a great Halloween.  Our day was rainy and dreary but I guess that just makes things more interesting! 
The kids were all geared up first thing in the AM in their Halloween gear. Oh yes, we love Halloween!Kids saying Happy Halloween
We also carved our pumpkin the day before.  This year our pumpkin was HUGE!!
This is also Cailyn’s first Halloween!!! Can you tell she is excited!!DSC_2555
Then when it was time to go trick or treating we were all a little worried because it was pouring.  We did not go to the church festival up the street like we normally do, but Collins did take the big kids out!! What a trooper!
All my kiddos ready to go…We have our Knight in Shining Armor, The Princess Sleeping Beauty, and the Royal Cow…
Thank you Nana and Dah for the kiddos Halloween Costumes!!
The Royal Cow stayed in the pasture but she did look super cute!! Cailyn also turned 9 months old yesterday!! Post on her 9 month stats will be on Wednesday.DSC_2595
Just so you know Model Lawson is still here…
The kids coming home after trick or treating!! The rain coats saved the day! Thank you Grammy and Pops for the rain coats!
Finally it was time to check out the loot.  They only went to 9 house and REALLY racked up!!! SUCCESS!!
Hope you all had a wonderful (possibly dry) Halloween!!

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