Thursday, November 17, 2011

November- This and That

When did Lawson turn thirteen???
Lawson is wearing glasses for reading now….she looks so mature!

Wesley, my sweet Wesley!!  Let’s see we had our first (hopefully only) bad day at preschool this month.  After lots of talks and discussions he is back to having wonderful days.  He is a bundle of energy and the child is on the go…ALL.THE.TIME!! He only slows down to sleep!
Here is what Wesley is Thankful for…
He is thankful for his hair!!! Good thing to be thankful for, hopefully he will be blessed with a full head of hair his whole life.  haha!

Cailyn has been battling front teeth coming in and a cold for about 2+ weeks.  I think we are on the up and up and she is back to her happy self (not that she ever was too cranky). We have been using Coconut Oil as a natural remedy and that stuff is amazing.  Check out some of the many things it can be used for.   Cailyn is a little copy cat these days.  You make a noise and she tries her best to imitate you. Fun, fun! 
She is saying “Yippee!!” She is making great strides in the last few days in her gross motor skills.  I caught her today (11/17/11) on her hands and knees rocking in the crib.  Now I am saying Yippee!!

That is the quick and dirty of all the things going on here.

One last thing…the battle of the leaves is on here in NC…we are making the most of it!!
Happy Fall!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! Lawson is so cute in her glasses! Love the leaves pics too. Whohoo on rocking on all 4s! So glad you are now in the club of recommending coconut oil for any and all issues!