Monday, November 7, 2011

Cailyn is 9 Months Old

Cailyn 9 Months

On October 31st, Halloween Day, my baby turned 9 months old.  This little girl brings so much life to our family! She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and just lights up when anyone pays attention to her.  So far, she has really shown no signs of separation anxiety (I get enough from Wesley) she is so happy to entertain other people!

Notice the Michael Jordan pose in every picture.  We are working on teeth!


She is still my laid back baby and always content during the day! She has been challenged with teeth in her 8th month of life. See first set of teeth.DSC_2503

Now she is working on the top! 

In other news, we did not have the best 9 month appointment.  I am okay with it now but Wednesday I was a mess!  Here are her stats.

Weight- 16lbs 5oz (10%)

Height- 28” (65%)

Head – 5%

If you go back to her 6 month appointment she has only gained 7oz in 3 months but 2” in length.  WHAT IN THE WORLD!?! The child eats all the time never complains!  Plus, she is GOOD eater.  Right now she is up to spinach and beans and loves them.  I am nursing full time still so what is going on?  After beating myself up and trying to decide if I should quite nursing, start supplementing, etc.…I decided I am going to continue the path I am on because I know in my heart she is perfectly fine! There could have been multiple reasons why she had not gained much weight (different scale, just pooped, little cold, etc) Who knows. I thought maybe I would alter her food with formula and she acting like I was gagging her. This is not an option.  I decided to keep on as I am and in a month after our weight check we will make changes as needed. 

Cailyn passed with flying colors her language milestones. The child is a talker and tries her hardest to repeat many things you say.  I can confidently say her first words is at 8 months are dada and tag.  Seriously, you show her a tag on a toy or blanket and she says “tag.” Too funny!

The one thing she failed was her gross motor milestones.  She is not crawling, or pulling up.  I have questioned before her leg strength and it is now catching up to us.  After worrying about it, I have said it before and I will say it again the child is content and is not worried about pushing herself.  One might say “lazy.”  Well, we are working on some exercises and working on her leg strength.  2 days after her appointment she was willing and able to stand beside the Leap Frog Table without any support.  YAH, CAILYN!!  I refuse to worry too much.  I really think she is fine and will show great improvements by 12 months.

It was hard to not get a “perfect” well check-up report (my first one ever) but really what is ‘perfect” I am not going to let some doctor’s milestones make me think my child is not perfect, because in my eyes she is just that “PERFECT.”  I love you Cailyn, and I promise I trying my best to be the best mommy for you!  Who knows, maybe third time is the charm!!


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She is perfect! Love you!