Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who’s that girl…

Collins will be the first to tell you that it has to be tough to be the only boy in the house (I said boy not man.)  Therefore, when it is playtime and he is desperate to play with his older sister he is willing to do about anything.  Introducing to you “Clarabelle.”

Wesley as Clarabelle

I mean seriously, if he didn't have an older sister dressing up like a girl would NEVER cross his mind. There are too many deer and ducks to hunted!!  haha!

(Wesley, please forgive me for posting this!!)

Not only do I have picture but I have video!  The kids were cracking me up.  Notice the music?  Taylor Swift.  (BTW- the concert was AMAZING!!)

Lawson and Clarabelle debut…

Wesley as Clarabelle and Lawson

Then when things got back to normal I decided to show Wesley the video.  His reaction was PRICELESS!! 

Wesley not thrilled

Wesley we love you…thank goodness you are comfortable with your masculinity as your daddy says!

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Lauren said...

HAHA!!! He desperately wants to be included. Haha. He will hurt you later.... ;) I love those kids so much!