Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A lesson in praying

Have you ever gone through spells where you pray continuously and other times you need a good slap on the hand to remind you to pray? Well, I will be honest we have not been going to church much these days during the summer and I am falling behind on daily devotionals and just out of synch with praying.

Today, July 31st is Cailyn's 18th month birthday, she is sick with a double ear infection, not walking, not talking like some 18th month olds and I am feeling like the worst mom ever. I can't help but think what am I doing wrong? What is wrong with her? Etc. etc. just beating myself up.

Finally, after giving myself a severe tongue lashing ( in my head) I realized I could continue to beat myself up or I could just pray. I decided the later. Honestly, it had been a while since I really gave all my worries to God but I did. I prayed for her health and a sign that she is progressing and will be walking soon. I prayed that I could be the mom she deserves and give all my children everything they need.

Well, as crazy as this sounds God was listening! He must of been so surprised to hear from me he decided to throw me a bone, per say.

Cailyn WALKED! Not just steps but walked with intent and then fell and gave herself a black eye on a wooden puzzle piece. Seriously! (Nothing is ever pretty around here) After she stopped crying she walked again, and again. The most was at least 14 steps. She is getting it! Praise the Lord! She was so proud of herself too! I love to see her smile with pride!

My lesson. God is truly listening He hears our prayers. I know most results are not seen this fast or sometimes unanswered because he knows best. I think what really choked me up today was HE really is watching over my little girl and God loves her and knows the plan for her. It is crazy to think but God loves her more then I love her. How amazing is that?

Today also taught me I need to be more obedient in my praying! What do you need to pray about? He is listening!


Melissa said...

Love this Maridith! Happy for Cailyn and happy for you. You both reached milestones today.--Melissa M.

Elizabeth said...

Love you! Thanks for sharing so openly.

Heather said...

BEAUTIFUL post!!!! LOVE IT!!!!