Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lauren’s visit to NC with 2 kids (back in May)

I have a lot of catching up to do…

Lauren had a wedding to attend here in NC, so she decided to pack her bag and bring down 2 kids in tow.  She had a great trip down and we got to enjoy her wonderful company for 4 days.  Of course, while she was here she just had to go with the flow and join us for a few of the kids scheduled events.

She got to attend Lawson’s Dance Fest.  Look at sweet, Haywood!DSC_4948

McKenna got to go as well with Bonnie in tow!


Then on Saturday Collins and I took 4 kids when went to Wesley’s soccer game with !! Lauren was leaving for the wedding.

McKenna was so sweet cheering on her cousin Wesley!


The rest of the weekend summed up…

We had picnics.


We painted toes…


We went strawberry picking.IMG_0823

We even had a dance party!!


Oh yes, we had a great time!!! The kids always have so much fun together. 

Lawson did come to one realization…mommy, we can not have any more babies, this is hard work!! A to the men!


Thank you Lauren, McKenna, and Wood for coming to NC and visiting.  We will see you VERY soon.

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