Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Day of 1st Grade

Lawson is officially done with 1st grade and now a second grader!! So, before she is in high school I thought I better write and show pictures of her last day of 1st grade. 

Not many people are as unfortunate as Lawson and MISS their last day of school.  After she got home from her swim meet on Thursday night she threw up many many times.  The stomach bug strikes again. (Anyone know how to get red stain off of a white carpet?)

She did not have a fever (ever) but I knew I couldn’t send her to school so for the first half of the morning she was like this…DSC_5219

I knew school was out of the question and I was sad to tell Wesley that out trip to the beach was probably out too…

Then around 11AM she said “I am feeling better” plus she ate something and it stuck so I told the kids pack your stuff we are going to the beach.  I first went to Lawson’s school so she could say bye to her friends.  She is no longer going to Timber Drive and I wanted to give her the chance to say bye.  It was the sweetest display of friendship I have ever seen that I started crying. 

Mommy reflection: I pretty much  ripping my daughter out of a school I love in hopes that she will go to the “right” middle school and high school. Plus, ideally I would like my kids to go to the same elementary school when they go.  Is that too much to ask?   Ugh…I am getting side tracked, but seriously 3 schools in three years…I try to remember I went to lots of elementary schools and I am not too messed up…(don’t comment on that part, please!)

I did get some pictures of Lawson on her last day of school (well, before we left for the beach anyway!)

  Lawson 7 years old Last day of 1st grade

Here is Lawson on her first day of 1st Grade and her last day…Lawson First and Last Day of 1st grade C

She ended 1st grade with all three’s and fours for “grades” She is a smart, smart girl and loves school.  Her teacher told us she was an absolute joy to teach and if she had a classroom full of Lawsons she would never retire.  haha!!

I am going to leave you with a little flash back from Kindergarten.

Oh my, I thought I was doing okay on the whole not crying thing on her first day of 2nd grade but this is not helping…I will have to get back to her 1st day of 2nd grade at a later date. 

My baby girl is growing up and this little girl could not make me any prouder!!! I love my Lawson!!

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