Monday, July 16, 2012

Lawson’s 1st Day of Second Grade

Lawson woke up on July 9th and all of a sudden she was an official 2nd grader.  To celebrate I made her a very special breakfast!!


Here is my girl on the first day of second grade. Can you tell how much has changed during her whole 10 days between grades?DSC_5286

We switched schools AGAIN and lucky for me Lawson loves school so it wasn’t too big of a deal that we were changing AGAIN.  The most shocking thing for us is we have a 2nd grader now.  How did that happen?

As tradition goes we got pictures of Lawson with all her siblings…DSC_5293

And with the aging mommy…(wow, I should photo shop those wrinkles…)DSC_5303

One last picture of my baby girl before we hit the road and we are off too school. 


Lawson wouldn’t let me bring in my big camera (something about embarrassing her????) so the phone camera was going to have to do…she also wouldn’t let me give her a kiss bye.  We had words about that after she got home. 


Lawson’s desk area.  It was so funny, Lawson said to me “our morning work is coloring?  Doesn’t she know we are not kindergarteners?”


Here is Lawson’s teacher.  From everything we are hearing from Lawson we can tell we are going to love her.  Ms Reed is organized, sweet, and really cares for the kids.  IMG_1260

If you want to follow along what is going on in Lawson’s classroom her teacher has a blog…

There is also a blog for the art class

The thing I can tell you about 2nd grade so far…

1. Lots of homework

2. Lawson is learning tons

3. Lawson’s favorite subject is still art Smile


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