Friday, July 20, 2012

Cailyn 17 months- with the many faces of Cailyn

Yes, I realize I have not done Lawson’s big 7 year old post.  Call it denial but I just haven’t gotten all my pictures in place to put that post together.  However, I was cleaning up my SD card today and remembered I need to do one on Cailyn’s 17th status. 
A couple things about Cailyn.  She loves (or I love can’t tell which) accessorizing her.  Hair bows, bracelets, fun necklaces.  She/we love it.
We are trying our hand and temper tantrums these days.  You want to get her to throw a fit in one nano-second.  Take away my cell phone!! We have also noticed if she perches up on her pink chair she either wants my cell phone or food.
We are still working on walking.  She has zero confidence on supporting herself.  She is 100% comfortable with me carrying her everywhere.  As much as I love it, she is getting kind of heavy. We are working hard and I know she will be taking off any day (I pray).DSC_5162
She is starting to get really sneaky.  Here she is sneaking up the stairs. Mischievous smile…
Right now at 17 months she has 12 teeth!
Look a here…I found Lawson at 11mo. wearing this same dress…in the foyer. A couple differences…Lawosn is walking and has no hair.
I did this last year with Lawson and I loved it.  Now I am doing one with Cailyn.  Here is the many faces of Cailyn at 17mo.Cailyn 17mo Collage
I have to note that this dress was Lawson’s at 10mo. it was one of my all time favorites. Lawson at 11mo in the same dress…
Where does the time go???

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