Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow 2010- Part 1

 The highly anticipated snow started around 8PM Friday evening.  For the kids it was like waiting for Santa Claus.  They watched and watched out the front window until their Wicked Mean Mommy made them go to bed.  I promised them there would be lots more in the morning for them to enjoy!

Saturday morning the kids were about ready to come out of their skin to go outside. The problem was sleeting.  No snow just sleet.  I tried to explain that it hurts your face but they didn't care.  So after an hour of explaining and listening to whining, I let them find out for themselves (in their PJs).

Wesley refused to wear gloves so he was the first one who wanted to come in. We were out there all of 3 minutes. (I know the kids are not dressed appropriately.) My point was to prove it was not the right condition to play outside...they got the point.

Later that afternoon Lawson and I went out. Wesley was asleep.  She was very disappointed her snowsuit looked so boyish (gotta think about the next person who is going to wear this) so we dressed it up a little bit.

Like the gloves?  Like so many things in this house, we are missing the matching set!

Lawson my drama queen!

Lawson loves the snow!!
Hope you are having a nice weekend!!


Lauren said...

From the look on Wesley's face I think your point was made! But I can bet the next time they will have their doubts still. The snow/ice looks like it was fun.

Anonymous said...

When it snows you gotta go out!!! Boy does Lawson have her mon's good looks and her daddy's blue eyes!

Love, Pops

gale said...

I love it! My little grands are loving the snow! They look so sweet looking out waiting!!!!!