Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blueberry Picking 2010

Seems we have yearly tradition going (this being our second year) of going Blueberry picking.   
The kids dove right in and really enjoyed the whole experience.  Lawson has one more year of experience then Wesley but Wesley was by far the best blueberry picker this year.  He could identify the blue blueberries rather then the green or red blueberries and was very eager to participate.

Halfway through here is Lawson's bucket. She lost interest and it was VERY HOT!!

Here is Wesley and Daddy's Bucket!! **Notice the flush cheeks

Then to keep Lawson entertained I gave her the camera.  And these are the picture she took...

Daddy having fun!

Yes, this is a blackberry not a blueberry but you have to get there at 7AM to get the blackberries otherwise they are all gone!

More pictures (like 100 of them) but here are a few more..

She took this picture too! I was impressed...

At the end we got to feed the goats!!
It was a fun morning and no (to the people who know my history with blueberries) no one got sick.

That evening Daddy made us Blueberry Cobbler (Karen's Recipe)!! Yum, Yum!!

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Elizabeth said...

Fun times! Did you guys go to Smiths? I've been wanting to go, but haven't had an opportunity yet.