Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandmommy's Great Visit

I few weeks ago my grandmother (the kids Great-Grandmother) came to visit the great East Coast then the South.  I say East Coast first because she flew into Northern Virginia first and that is NOT the South.  It was only when she got past Richmond was she in the South.  Moving on...
My Grandmommy is my dad's mother and I have not seen her since 2007!! That is a crazy long time. She use to live in SC but to be out of the humidity and be closer to her daughter she moved to AZ.   This month she made her way to VA and spent a couple days there, then drove to my house for 1 evening then drove to her old hometown to visit friends and family, then traveled back to my house then back to VA. (Did you catch all that?)  

Lawson and Wesley first meeting: I tried to talk up Grandmommy to L & W as to who Grandmommy was and where she was coming from.  Lawson's question were "Does she look like Mamma II?  and is she as soft as Mamma II?  Haha!  Lawson met Grandmommy when she was young so she did not remember her and Wesley had not ever met her.  Let me tell you, the children where not shy towards her for one moment.  They just loved her from the moment they laid eyes on her.  Wesley gave her a kiss within the first 2 minutes of meeting her.  What a Blessing!! 

Grandmommy spent every minute possible soaking in the kids and spending time with them.  It was so special and I caught a few of these moments. 

Lawson just loved that Grandmommy loves to read as much as her! Lawson was cracking up as they were reading the newest Highlight Magazine.

Lawson got the privilege of combing Grandmommy's hair. 

Snuggle time with Grandmommy!!


My kids love to read and Grandmommy loved reading one of my dad's favorite stories as a child.

One of the non-verbal signs Lawson loves you!!

After 2 wonderful evening with my Grandmother it was time to say good-bye.  I think one of the reason I have taken so long to write this post is because I knew I would cry. (Yes, I am crying right now) I just love my grandmommy and miss her dearly!! I am so thankful that she endured the long journey to see us and so many other people who love her!!  Our time together was priceless!! 

Also, many thanks to my dad who arranged the whole trip!!We love our Dah!

Here is a picture of me with my Grandmommy and the kids. 
We love you Grandmommy!! Thank you for such a wonderful visit!!

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Elizabeth said...

Aww...glad you had a good visit.