Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wes and Uncle Ryan

While up in VA we saw my brother as well (I don't want you to think I would leave him out.) Wesley loves Uncle Ryan and apparently when they both got dressed Saturday evening they were both on the same wave length.  Now, one gets himself dressed and the other does not, and one can pick up the other up, but just go with me.

It was really funny to see both of them in navy shirts and plaid shorts.  Hopefully, Wesley will be a lot like his Uncle Ryan!  Wesley has got a lot of growing to do but so far he is off to a good start.

We love you Uncle Ryan!!


Elizabeth said... cute are they together.

Lauren said...

I love these photos. When Ryan got out of his car I thought to myself... "I think Wesley is dressed they same." Ha. I think Wes is going to be competing with Ryan on the tallest family member.