Thursday, June 3, 2010


My Grandmother has thought of a new name for Wesley Talk...."Wesley-isms."  (Is that how you would spell it?)  I had to share some other great lines by my 2 year old son...

Wesley: If sissy is 5, I am 6. 

Cause and Effect:
Mommy: If you drink toilet water you will get sick...
Wesley: And then have to go to the hospital and see the doctor.  Okay.

Mommy- If you do X (I can't remember what I needed him to do) you will get a lolly pop.
Wesley- That's okay, I don't want a lolly pop.

I was holding my head with my hand and had my eyes closed.
Wesley:  What's wrong mommy?  What's wrong??I take care of you.  Do you need a hug?? I give you a kiss.

He is a lover and here is MY son trying to give a frog a kiss.  Maybe he was hoping it would turn into a Princess.

I love my Buddy!!


Elizabeth said...

so cute! I love kid talk.

gale said...

I love Kid Talk too! Wesley is a ham!

Anonymous said...

Remember this one...Pops: "well mister, that tone is not going to get you a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning"...Wesley's come back... "I don't drink coffee, I want milk!"...he cracks me up!

L. Pops