Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is payback for the man you thought it was a BRILLIANT idea to go all 1950's on me and get a corded phone in the kitchen!
With this contraption I can not discretely chase after kids, separate children, or give them "the eye" if they misbehave while on the phone!! It seems that all hell brakes loose when mamma is on the phone!! And it is even worse when they know I can only move 3 feet!! Can you tell I have a lot of love for this phone??

The only plus to this phone...we always know where 1 phone is at all times.  I tend to misplace phones.  Oops!!


Anonymous said...

Collins does look cute sitting on that red chair talking! I guess he was thinking about our phone like that, but we had a super long cord, which wouldn't work with kids in the house!!!


Elizabeth said...

I'm laughing away!