Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wesley-ism Questions

I have mentioned before that Wesley is already made a name for himself at church as "Messy Wessy." Well, I had to make sure he did not receive that name due to his behavior and they assured me he was excellent it was just because he is BUSY and asks a ton of questions....some examples from VBS...

- Why are you doing that? What is that?
- Some random person walks in the room. Wesley goes up to them with his finger pointed and says " what are you doing in here?"
- Or the best one getting him to say "Praise God" during a song and with all of his million questions and comments he says "I don't know what that means so I can't say that" the teacher said she almost fell off her chair when he said that.

Then at home ( what prompted me to write this post) these are the type of questions I get on a regular basis "mommy why do goose lay eggs and cows eat grass?"

Somtimes I truly forget he is only 2...

He might be a mess but he is my mess and I LOVE him!!

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