Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lawson's OFFICIAL First Day of Kindergarten

Today is the day! As much as we have prepared...waited...and prepared...we were ready.  This morning everything went off without a hitch.  Here is my big girl all ready for her day.

Here official first day of school outfit.  SO CUTE!!

Her backpack and lunch box all assembled together. 

Snapshot with Mommy- I love this little girl SO MUCH!!

We got there a little early and had to wait...Lawson watching definitely can't tell what she is thinking! haha!

Walking into her classroom.  Parents were asked not to walk in.  I love her face expression.  Despite how it looks she charged right in and found her cubby and then with a little calling out of her name did I get her to turn around and give me a kiss good-bye. 

Then she walked right in and never looked back!! Her teacher is in the brown shirt (Ms Olyvia.) 

My little girl is now officially in elementary school.  I asked Lawson how this happen so fast.  She said I don't know!!

I will be I cried (got teary-eyed) leaving her.  I remember bringing her from the hospital like it was yesterday and now I am leaving my little girl in the care of the public school system.  That thought 5 years ago terrified me to no end.  Now, I rest my faith in God that he will watch over my little girl and the people who will be caring for my daughter.  I feel 90% comfortable with the decision we have made to send Lawson to a Magnet School**. 

**For those of you who do not know what a Magnet School is...
A Magnet School is a school in a poor/disadvantaged area of the city that specializes in a certain area to bring other classes of people to the school.  Lawson's school is a Montessori School.  This is a technique developed by Maria Montessori it is a mixed classroom, there are no textbooks, and children learn directly from each other, and seldom two kids are on the same lesson.  Lawson will be in a Pre-K/ Kindergarten Classroom.  Next Year she will be in a 1st-2nd grade classroom and will stay in that class for 2 years. 

To get into the school it is base area kids, a lottery, and paying for pre-k.  We were fortunate to get in by lottery.  Many people who want there children to go to this school bad enough pay $6K for pre-school which guarantees them a spot for Kindergarten and so forth (we did not chose this option.) 

The reason I say I am 90% comfortable with our decision is because it is unfamiliar (any new school would be) and we are slightly taken out of our comfort zone. However, after meeting our teacher, assistant teacher, the principal and the other staff I feel much better about our decision.  You can tell these people love kids and are happy to be there! 

I am so happy for Lawson- I can't wait to hear about Lawson's first day when I pick her up!! 


Lauren said...

Lawson looks beautiful! She also looks too grown up! AHHH! I can't believe that she is in elementary school. You captured some great moments. I can't wait to see what this year entails.

(I have to admit that I cried when I saw this post.)

The Smittys said...

She's going to do great! We're also in a magnet school for kindergarten! Good choice!

Anonymous said...

I thought of her as I was at school today. During the , the teachers were all talking about getting their K. children off to school and how it felt. I had to chime in about Lawson. She is so beautiful inside and out! I love her SO MUCH!

Jill said...

She looks so cute all ready for school! Can't wait to hear about her first day!