Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Time to get the family pumkin...

I think someone is excited...he was doing his happy dance!

Of course, I planned on getting the perfect kid picture but no one would look at me...

Lawson & Wesley got to pick out a little pumpkin for them. Lawson 'delivering' Wesley's pumpkin!

For the moment these were the pumkins they picked out. They ended up with two totally different pumpkins at the many choices

The final picks!

Happy Pumpkin Time!


Lauren said...

I love the pumpkins. The kids look like they had a blast. I like their Halloween shirts too.

I'm still determined to make my Martha Stewart glitter pumpkin(s). But there is always next year! Haha.

Avery & Hailey said...

How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Sure brings back the memories. We took Collins and Taylor to the Pumpkin Farm every year - as you know from the {tons} of pictures taken.
L. Pops

M. Lail said...

You know, there's just something perfect about kids and pumpkins. It's more touching to me than kids in front of Christmas trees or kids on the beach for some reason. Great photos.