Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quality Time with Wesley

I have been given a wonderful gift to be able to spend some one-on-one time with Wesley while Lawson is in school. Well, that is the way it is suppose to be! However, since the new school year has started I have extra busy during those hours with a Bible Study on Mondays, MOPS 2 Tuesdays a month then add errands, play dates and work- it ends up being I don't see much of Wesley. How easily I seem to make myself busy!

On Wednesday after a quick trip Santa sent me on (wink) I decided the rest of the morning was just me and Wesley- no distractions. We had so much fun! When it was almost time to come in and have lunch it dawned on my to take some pictures because he was darn cute.

Wesley mowing the leaves... (this is hazy because I took the picture from inside)

He was very busy!! Lots of leaves to clean up mommy!

Good Job Buddy!

I love my little boy!!

When it was time to pick up Lawson he was in the car saying "NO, NO, NO" I guess he enjoyed our quality time together...without sissy! I really need to make it a priority to spend one morning a week just me and Wesley!! This time goes by too fast!


Anonymous said...

Wesley mowing leaves…..looks like such a big boy doing what daddy does. You will never be sorry for the quality time you invest with your children. You are so right, time goes by too fast. Love MOM

Lauren said...

What a cutie.

I guess you decided not to cut his hair.