Thursday, January 20, 2011

38 Weeks and Counting

Here I am at 38 weeks!!  I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks to go!  Although this isn’t the best picture of my belly it does show the wear-n-tear I feel at the end of the day!! 
Things are coming together here.  Her room is coming together.  Check out my other blog to see it.  The baby monitor arrived yesterday (Thank you Grammy and Pops) and the stroller has been ordered (Thank you Nana and Dah.)  I feel pretty good if we were to have a baby now, we are good to go!

Here are some pictures of the kids loving on Cailyn.  Charlotte asked me if this kids were as excited to meet Cailyn as we are.  The answer is YES!!!                                                              CSC_0498


Bates family said...

Your belly is so cute!! You and your sister are so blessed when you're pregnant!! You both look so great!! (can you tell I'm jealous!) I feel like my belly is the same size as yours and I'm 9 weeks behind you!! You look great and I can't wait to see that little bundle!! xoxo

Lauren said...

Such sweet pictures. Lawson and Wesley are going to be such a wonderful siblings to Cailyn. Your belly is beautiful and so are you!!