Wednesday, January 26, 2011

39 Weeks and Counting...

No Pictures today. 

I just wanted you all to know I am still here (with a headcold) and Cailyn has not made her entrance into the world.  I had my 38.2 week doctor's appointment last week and I was 2 cm dilated and she is still really LOW but that means nothing.  I am not sure I wrote about my 37 week appointment but I lost 2lbs and as of last week I have not regained them back.  They gave me full permission to eat as my Debbie Snacks as I see fit!  When I look in the mirror...I think at my appointment tomorrow they will say I have gained them back!

The doctor also thinks Cailyn is going to be a peanut unlike my two 8lb 11oz baby, and 8lb 8oz baby.  I told him I thought she would be exactly 8lbs but who knows.  All I care about is a healthy baby girl!

Last thing...if I do not have Cailyn by tomorrow we are planning on scheduling to be induced.  I will either go in on the 31th or the 1st in the evening.  I just have to get the hospital's permission and the doctor's permission.  I can't decide it it will be nice to remove the whole "surprise element" the labor process brings or not!  There will still be 7 days for her to come naturally.  Only God knows what our future holds and I have faith he will take care of me and her!

Please continue to pray for us and a healthy delivery!!  We will keep you posted.

That's All Folks!!  (We are watching Bugs Bunny right now!)

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CharGrill said...

Hey Maridith, I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I pray for your speedy recovery :) And I hope all goes well over the next week with the delivery! I know you'll be fine - you're a super momma! Keep us all posted as you feel you can! I look forward to hearing the good news :) Best wishes to you and your family as you welcome your new baby girl and future Angel ; )