Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Weekend: Drawings by Lawson

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  Collins went hunting all day Saturday and the kids and I stayed home and chilled out or in other words we didn’t venture out so we wouldn’t spend any money.  On cold days like we are having every outing seems to include $$.

I won’t lie it was a rough Saturday! The night before, Collins and I had gone on a date and dropped off the kids at a local babysitting facility (this was the first time doing this at night.)  The kids stayed up way too late and then woke up way too early on Saturday morning.  Not a good combination! 

Lawson captured Wesley’s mood with this drawing and stuck it on his door…


Then Sunday we went to church and everything was going great until about 4PM and for the first time this pregnancy I started to feel pain.  My right leg had a pinched nerve and went in and out numb and was VERY painful.  Cailyn happens to love my right side so it is no surprise her weight is finally affecting my right leg!

Lawson made this drawing for me!  She is so sweet!!DSC_0603

Thank you Lawson! 


Lawson after church on Sunday!

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