Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!

December 30th I celebrated my 30th...(don't you dare correct me) birthday.  It was such a great birthday.  I was with my whole family and my Grandmother, Mamma II came up with her boyfriend Gene for a couple hours to celebrate with me!!

Mamma II even brought me up a cake!!

.  Here is the amazing part of Mamma II the woman just had open heart surgery August 25th and look at her!! She is beautiful and on the go!! Nothing slows her down.

I love my Mamma II!!

 For Wesley's Christmas present she brought him up a cooked 9lb ham.  This might seem weird but Wesley is not the best eater but every time he has eaten Mamma II's ham he has gone crazy over it.  So she brought him up a ham.  We all asked him if we could have some and he said "Sure you can have some of my ham but not all of it."   He pretty much ate ham for an entire week!!
Also, Lawson and Wesley started calling Mamma II ~ Nana II.  Gotta love it!!

Thank you so much Mamma II for coming up and visiting us.  We love you so much!


Elizabeth said...

How fun and special that Mamma II came up to celebrate with you! You have to let me know next time she stops by.

CharGrill said...

Don't worry, your secret is safe with me ; )
I still celebrate my 28th over and over again. I just like that number! Mamma II is looking fabulous!!! What a special lady!