Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am a big boy!!!

Apparently someone flipped the switch and when Wesley turned 3 he is just acting older and letting us know with a vengeance he is a BIG BOY!!  The big example is how he sleeps.  First, about a month ago he insisted he did not need his bumper guard on his bed so we removed it.  (Luckily, he has not fallen out of bed) 

The second big change is his insistence "I DO NOT NEED A PULL-UP AT NIGHT."   Wesley has been potty trained for a while but one area I have not pushed is him trying to go through the night without assistance.  Mainly because I thought he was young to have to hold his pee for 12 hours and I really do not like waking up at night when I don't have too.  Call me lazy!!

On his birthday the child INSISTED with tears and fight he was a "BIG BOY" and no longer needed a diaper. I tried to get the pull-up on but the child would not budge (strong-willed.)  I am proud to say he has been accident free for 3 nights!!   He really is a big boy!! 

Love you buddy!! We are so proud of you!!!


Jill said...

What a wonderful BIG BOY you have! Happy (late) Birthday Wesley!

CharGrill said...

Wow - congrats! You must be loving this! Happy belated bday to Wesley!

Lauren said...

The picture of Wes is hilarious.

Can you imagine when all the kids get together for "superhero" time?