Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girl Time at the Nutcracker

Before Christmas Lawson and I went to the Nutcracker with our friends Charity and Siena.

  We had the best time just the girls!  First we went to dinner at El Rodeo (fancy I know).  

 We did it up right…dinner then a show.  Siena already knew some of the music and was singing to us on the way there (so cute!)  Then it was time for the show.  I was mesmerized.   I have a little history with the Nutcracker back in the day and the music just took me back.  Lawson and Siena were both extremely attentive and were beyond wonderful.  

They did ask lots of questions but that just meant they were paying attention!!  I have to admit I did cry a little as I watched the show and held my daughter’s hand.  For me spending this time with Lawson was so incredible special and I feel so blessed that I can share some of my interests with my daughter!! 

Lawson and Siena both had a wonderful time.  Charity and I had a great time being able to have a Mother/Daughter function together!!  We are going to try to make this a yearly tradition.  Soon she will be taking her other daughter Britain and I will be taking Baby Girl! 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun time and great memories made for all of you.e

CharGrill said...

How special!! I love the nutcracker! Jason and I went last year with a couple of his/his sister's kids. We went out to the Melting Pot first, then the show. It was really neat. Unfortunately, we missed it this year - just too busy at the holidays. Maybe next year! This will be a special tradition for you, Charity and the girls :)