Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lawson and Lanie Ice Skating

Yesterday at Ice Skating I FINALLY got Lawson to do extra time on the ice.  The motivation…Lanie her new American Girl Doll got to go on the ice with her.  WHAT A TREAT!! 

Lawson had so much fun guiding Lanie on the ice.  Last week I made her a “Snow Outfit”  in anticipation for her ice time and I was suppose to attempt to make ice skates but ran out of time (still not sure how I am going to accomplish this but we shall see.)  I told her Lanie would be okay as long as she wiped her feet often. 

Isn’t this SWEET??? Lawson teaching Lanie how to Ice Skate…CSC_0488

Fun, fun!!  I should also make a note to say how much Lawson is LOVING Ice Skating.  She has grace and speed.  She is really a quick learner and is excelling in her lessons right now.DSC_0483

I am so proud of my little ice skater!!!  Love you sweet pea!!DSC_0479


Anonymous said...

How precious to see Lawson and Lanie skating together! You did an awesome job on the outfit!!! I am looking forward to seeing the two skate together soon! You take care!!!

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Your outfit came out cute. Is that all fleece?