Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pram Love

We are the keepers of a gorgeous Pram that use to be Collins’ when he was a baby.  It is who knows how old but has been restored and is just gorgeous!  Lawson reminded me that we had it in the shed and we needed to stroll her around.  Here is Cailyn the first time in the pram.  She LOVES it!!


The full side view.  This antique rides great and is very easy to stroll.


The kids and I ready for a stroll around the block.  I am pretty sure we got some funny looks but what can I say “this is a pimped out ride!”


I actually use it a lot in the evenings when the kiddos are playing outside.  Half the time Cailyn will fall asleep in there.  NICE!  Wesley and McKenna checking out Cailyn.


Aunt Lauren checking out the peep hole!


McKenna was determined to get in.  She was in there for about 2 seconds but at least got the chance to check it out.  Cailyn is thinking “excuse me…you are in my personal space!”


We have now had all three of our kids in this pram.  Here is a small trip down memory lane…


This is Lawson at 2 months old – wow she is a big girl.

I have pictures of Wesley in this pram but I can’t seem to find it….  Maybe I will find some later and add them to this post.

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gale said...

It is so wonderful to see everyone enjoying the carriage/pram. These pics just bring joy to my heart as well as many memories.