Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bowling Fun- Family Time

We had so much fun Wesley & I that I decided the whole family should go.  This was Lawson’s first time bowling and she did awesome. 


Lawson & Wesley taking lessons from daddy


Cailyn once again just cheering everyone on…


I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF WESLEY!!! Can you tell he was having a good time?


Daddy & Wes… so sweet.


We attempted to show Lawson how to bowl without the ramp…she is not quite ready.


I have a picture of the final score but I am not allowed to show it…Lawson beat us all…haha!!

Then it was arcade time. The kids had so much fun!!


Funny story:  Over the intercom they said “There is a tan Ford Explorer with the backdoor open” Collins looked at me and said “That’s you”  I thought to myself our Explorer is not tan but I will just double check.  Well, I went and looked and low-and-behold that back passenger door was wide open.  Not sure how I managed that but I did (because it is never the guys fault, right?)..slightly embarrassed I walked back in…oops…feeling like all eyes were on me as the crazy mom who leaves their car wide open…I bowled my one and only strike.  Ha!!!

None the less, bowling is so much fun with the family!!!  We will be back!!

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