Monday, June 13, 2011

Cailyn’s Baptism

I have taken a while to get these posted.  Not sure why, because Cailyn’s Baptism was so incredibly special to me.  On May 22, 2011 our sweet baby girl was Dedicated to Christ.  We promised to raise her as a Christian and have her know the Lord.  Although the ceremony lasts but a few moments the lesson will last a lifetime. 

Before I move onto the pictures I want to share with you our meeting with the pastor.  Our whole family met with the Associate Pastor, John Michael, the Tuesday before.  It was a short meeting but just giving us the 411 on the meaning of Baptism and how things would be done.  Well, halfway through Lawson decided to start listening and started asking questions.  “How can Jesus be in our heart since he is so big?”  “How can God be everywhere?” and there were a few more I just can’t remember.  It made me so proud and felt that even though I have thrown her to the wolves (per say) and she no longer attends a Christian School we are laying a  foundation for her at home and at Church.  Whew!

On to the Baptism…

Mommy and Cailyn ready to go.


Our family ready for the dedication.


Cailyn was wonderful as were the other children.


I couldn't help but cry a little…


The Pastor introducing Cailyn to the church.


This is the precious song they sang to Cailyn.


Did I mention Lawson brought a friend up to the alter???  Keeping it real here!


Our sweet baby slept through the rest of the service.  That Holy Water has great powers!!


We were so blessed to have many of our family members with us that weekend.  (same weekend as Lawson’s birthday) Here is picture of all of us.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!


The Kenna Family missing a few…but they were in our hearts.


The Fitts Family. 


Our Precious Family.  God, thank you for our family.



Heather said...

SWEET pictures of such a special day! Hope that you're having a great Monday!

gale said...

That was the most wonderful day! The service was just so special!