Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bowling Fun- Wesley and MOPS Friends

Last week I arranged for our MOPS group to meet at a local bowling alley for a fun day out.  Lawson was still in school and since I had never taken any kid bowling I thought it would be best to to only take 2 rather then 3.  I am happy to say…WE HAD A BLAST!

At first Wesley was a little hesitant, but he quickly got the hang of it.


I had to show him the ropes (you know I did take bowling in college- twice!!) I am a semi-pro…haha!!! I took bowling because I do not like to sweat!  Moving on…


Here is Wesley in action.  He had so much fun!!


Here is Cailyn watching Wesley…Go Wesley Go!!


Wesley was the only child to play two games.  He loved it that much. If he said it once he said it a million times…”Is it my turn yet???”  Finally, he bowled second game by himself…every time was his turn.

Afterwards we checked out the arcade games.  The lights, the noise, the action, a little boys dream.  Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so he had to just “pretend”  it was good enough for him!!


We had such a good time we came back as a family…pictures to be posted tomorrow.

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Wolfpacker's Angel said...

Frankie and I took bowling one semester and we had the best time!!