Friday, September 30, 2011

All About Me Tea Party

Last Friday, Lawson had an All about me Tea Party at her school.  It was a nice presentation and they also got to learn about other children from other countries.  Lawson’s group learned about children from Bosnia.  Well, as luck would have it 2 of the 5 members of her team went home sick so Lawson was left to present the child from Bosnia then tell about herself.  Well, if you have been reading this blog long enough or know Lawson you know what to expect, right?

The child who was doing this in the AM…


Was doing this in the classroom. So shy and I could tell if she could she would of crawled in the closest hole.DSC_0305

When it was time to present she clammed up.  She twirled her shirt so tightly and spoke so soft no one could hear her.  The teacher was SUPER sweet coaching her along.  She made it through it…. (sorry my pictures are blurry I was trying to video as well)


She did it and I could tell there was  a HIGE sigh of relief from her. 


The other students were whispering as well as the parents “she is so shy” or “I can’t hear her” or  “she never speaks up.” Lord, it was this moment that I just wanted to run up and protect her and shield her from any of her discomforts, but I could not.  I can’t protect her from everything and she needs moments like these to grow.  I just prayed for her. I truly felt everything she was feeling at this moment and it broke my heart.

I guess it is safe to say everyone knows about Lawson “she is shy.”

After the presentation it was time for snacks.  She was back to her normal self afterwards and was thrilled to leave school early.  I am so glad I could be there and support her.  DSC_0306

Lawson, know this I will always ALWAYS be your biggest fan.  I love you and I am so proud of you.

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Melissa said...

Oh this hurt my heart for her! But the parents whispering hurt my heart for YOU. You did good to hold in the Mama Bear instinct.--Melissa M.