Monday, September 5, 2011

Nana and Dad quick visit down south

My mom and dad made a quick visit to see us and the kiddos.  My parents are so good about making sure they do not go too long between visits.  Even if it means they are here for less then 36 hours.  We make the most of our visit while they are here.  You know like a trip to Costco (love that store)!  It was a double bonus that now that Cailyn is on a pretty good schedule so Collins and I were able to have our first date since Cailyn was born.  Yippee!!  We went to a local restaurant and watched college football- yep, we are the romantic type!! 

Here are a few pictures I got.

Dah and Cailyn


Cailyn was ready for a nap.


Cailyn loves her Nana and Dah!!


Thank you Nana and Dah for everything!! It was great seeing you!!

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