Friday, September 2, 2011

One last trip to the beach this summer


The kids absolutely LOVE the beach. I should rephrase that…we never actually go to the beach and touch sand.  They love going to the condo where there is water!!  We decided the week Lawson had early release to take them to see Grammy and Pops at the water.  The kids do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in really less then 48 hours.

Pool Time                    DSC_1035

Cailyn taking it all in too…


Fishing off the dock…see the pelican watching over the water?DSC_1047

Lawson’s fish.  The girl has the touch.DSC_1051

Then there was also a speed boat competition going on at the beach.  DSC_1064

Racing in circles. DSC_1067

This gives you an idea of how BIG these things are (they are LOUD too)DSC_1068

Then there was time to relax for those who work extra hard and don’t spend as much time with the kids as they would like!!!DSC_1101

Not pictured is crabbing with Pops first thing in the morning and letting Mommy and Daddy sleep in!

This was a week before Irene hit.  I wonder what the beach looks like now? 

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