Monday, September 12, 2011

Melinda’s Trip to Raleigh

My very dear friend, Melinda, made to Raleigh this weekend and we got to meet her sweet son, Haden.  It was so wonderful to see Melinda.  The last time I saw her she was very pregnant with Haden. Now he is walking & talking. Time passes by so fast!

  Melinda and Haden

He is ADORABLE!  Haden let me hold him!!! Sweet boy!Maridith and Haden

We met at a local park and had a picnic together.  DSC_1343

Then it was picture time.  Between the 4 girls we have 9 kids + 1 on the way (Charity).  This group of kids are so sweet and they all love playing with each other!!

9 Kiddos at the Park

Here are a few of my besties from college.  I just love these ladies!  We always have so much fun together.    Meredith Girls 2011

(sorry H, this is about the time Brant dropped your camera so you were not looking at my camera, haha!)

The girls and I got back together that evening and had a wonderful dessert from Hayes Barton, YUM!! It was great to catch up. Thanks, Melinda for coming up here and seeing us.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know Charity was pregnant again! When is she due?

CharGrill said...

What a great looking group of ladies! Wish Donna and I could have been there too!! Miss you!