Friday, September 12, 2008

Biltmore Estates

Unbelievable!! This place is like a castle but the amazing part it is a home that was built for a family of 3!! With 255 rooms and dining hall that could seat 64 comfortably makes my humble home look very tiny!

I am not sure which part put it over the top for me. The grandness of EVERYTHING or the swimming pool and bowling ally in the basement.

As I have said before the kids were great. We went for 2 days because if you go after 3 you get to go the next day for free. Collins and I promised each other we would go back (without kids) so we could spend more time there and indulge in the Wine Vineyard! hehe!

We are here!!
The Carpet Garden. 144,000 plants make up this display!
Mommy and Wes
Lawson at the Carpet
Pretty Flower (I love our camera)

Next day at the Gardens
Lawson churning butter

Mommy and Wes. This Horse was huge- it is one size down from a Clydesdale
Lawson not so sure about him
Lawson likes this sheep that is sleeping!

At the Bass Pond on the Biltmore Estates
The Garden House
Waterfall off of Bass Pond


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Great pictures. I love the Biltmore really is amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience. I would love to go to the Biltmore. I'm so proud of Lawson. It looks like she did a great job churning the butter. Also, if Wes knew better he'd have the same look Lawson did while standing next to that gigantic horse.


Anonymous said...

The gardens look amazing it looks like Mom & Dad have something new to aspire to. 8)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome! That is one big horse! Lawson looks like she enjoyed herself! Did the horse leave her speechless????