Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Unusual Lovie

While most children find a plush toy or silky blanket as their lovie. My son has found a boulder. Yes, a boulder (plastic, of course)!! Recently, he has taken this boulder EVERYWHERE!! If I would let him he would sleep with it!!

This weekend Nana and Dah brought him a 'Little People' Dump truck that came with a boulder and a little person. Wes immediately grabbed the boulder and hasn't parted with it since. He will crawl with it- and he sounds like he has a peg leg!! He pulls up on furniture with it in his hand- no problem. He will play with other toys using his other hand. He even drinks with it. Try to take it away and he will quickly switch hands or put the death grip on it so it is impossible to remove!!

I think it is save to say he is all boy! He is practicing his grip for when he becomes a basketball star! Actually, when I look at this picture it looks like he is about to throw a curve ball for baseball!! Love ya, buddy!!


Elizabeth said...

Aww, so cute...that's actually a different boulder than the one we have. I think ours is more properly classified as a pile of dirt.

Anonymous said...

What a manly man you have! He's too cute!