Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day as a SAHM!

What a great day!! With these smiles how could it be a bad day???

Let’s see…
  1. Made muffins in the morning- Wonderful
  2. Our Marbles Kids Museum visit was abruptly cut short once we couldn’t open the doors (Closed On Monday)- Not so wonderful
  3. Found another museum to take the kids and Lawson got to touch an alligator- Wonderful
  4. Walked several blocks in downtown Raleigh –Not so Wonderful (I don’t like to exercise when I am not prepared too)
  5. Got both kids to take a nap at the same time- Wonderful
  6. Played, sang, and read with the kids- Wonderful
  7. Wes took another nap and woke up with a high fever – WHAT!?! He is getting his front top teeth at the same time. It isn’t bothering him too much, he is just a hot box! Poor little guy! - Not so wonderful
  8. Cooked dinner and cleaned it up- Both a phenomenon in and of itself!!- Wonderful
  9. Lost count of how many times Lawson changed her shoes- kinda wonderful
  10. A guy named Wes won on Jeopardy today. (Why I’m I mentioning this?) I never watch TV let alone Jeopardy (yuck) but since a guy named Wes was playing I had to see if he won and he did. Maybe my Wes will be a smarty pants too!! - Wonderful
  11. Both kids in bed before 8:30PM- Awesome!!

First day was a success plus I even found time to blog & read emails. Hope everyone else had a good day. Tomorrow is Lawson’s first day at Preschool.

Lawson in shoe change # 1000 or close to it! (just kidding)


Anonymous said...

What an awesome day!I think it's hilarious that Lawson changed her shoes a bunch of times! I have no doubt that Wes will be a smarty pants! Best of luck to Lawson at her new school!!


Elizabeth said...

Yay for a successful day 1! You are going to have a blast. What time should I stop by for breakfast this morning?

Jill said...

What a great first SAHM Day! You and the kids are going to love your new schedule and life. Enjoy every moment! Love ya - Jill