Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lawson Loves Barbies- Who Knew

Tuesday we spent the day at the resort. Collins stayed at the townhouse with Wes and I took Lawson to the pool. I normally never get my hair wet but decided to be as involved as I could with Lawson's pool time, so I braved the cold water. We had a good time but I think Lawson got cold and decided to go to the baby pool where the water is only 1 foot deep and warms up quickly.

In the baby pool was a Mom and a little girl who looked about Lawson's age. Lawson started talking to the little girl "whats your name?" {so cute} and the girl said "Presley" Lawson asked her "can I play with your Barbies?" and the mother said "yes honey you can" What was to follow I was not expecting...

Mother of Presley (MOP): Do you like Barbies?

Lawson: Yes

MOP: Do you have any Barbies?

Lawson: No, my mommy doesn't buy me Barbies!

Mommy {slightly embarrassed}: Honey, you have never asked for Barbies.

Lawson (not taking her eyes off the barbie): Yes I have. {WHAT?}

MOP: Do you like Ariel?

Lawson: No I just like Barbies

Mommy's thought: WHAT YOU LOVE ARIEL!! This women must think I completely neglect you!!

So Lawson played with the 2 Barbies for probably an hour. Then it was time to go. Do you know what is going to happen next? After talking with Lawson, trying to reason with Lawson she refused to give the dolls back to Presley. Finally, I had to just take the Barbies away from Lawson to give back to Presley. What followed is every mothers' public nightmare.... She screamed, she kicked, she cried, she went limp noodle on me. It was awful! To top it off MOP says to Lawson in the middle of this "Lawson we will be back at the pool this afternoon and you can borrow Presley's Barbies again" {Thanks woman, no telling what she thought!!} So what seemed like the longest walk to the car and drive back to the condo. Lawson finally calmed down.

After Lawson took a LONG nap. She awoke saying "lets go to the pool and play with Barbies and when mommy says it is time to go we will give them back to Presley. But my mommy is going to buy me Barbies." {we shall see about that}

We did return to the pool and get this- Presley's mom returned dropped her bag off and as she walked by gave Lawson the 2 dolls and said when you are done just put the dolls back in the bag. Never saw her again or Presley. Lawson had the time of her life playing with those two Barbies. This time when it was time to go we had no issues returning them {thank you, thank you} Our new issue trying to find Barbies in the middle of no where. "I want three Barbies because I am three!!"

Mommy Note: We did buy Lawson 2 Generic Barbies (couldn't find the real things) and she LOVES THEM!! Don't think I spoil Lawson because I really don't. She did get in trouble for her behaviour, but we have to remember she is 3. I am not going to let one incident's ruin our whole trip. Besides this one episode she was awesome!!
Bottom Line: Lawson loves Barbies!!


Elizabeth said...

Lawson sure got you, didn't she! I love Barbie too!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I love it! The Barbie Bug has hit your house. What a girlie girl you have. 8)


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of T.F. when we were in Camden, Maine wanting a $40 seal! The child had NEVER asked for a thing in his life, and NOW in front of friends he gets on the floor of this packed tourist store SCREAMING for that seal. "Cam" still is with us!
I am glad she likes dolls!!!! I do know how you felt!!!