Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halfway There

I am 20 weeks.  I am halfway there to meeting Baby Girl #2.  Wow, times flies when you are having fun.  Things are going well and I am feeling well.  Actually, truth be told I now have 2nd trimester energy, if I knew how to I would probably build an addition to our home! I guess painting and baby bedding will have to do.
I did have a check-up last week and everything looks good.  Iron is borderline low (but that is typical for me.)  I have gained 8 lbs and at first this worried me but my doctor checked my records from the previous 2 and I had approximently the same weight gain at this point.  Why had this worried me...I gained 41lbs with Lawson and 38 lbs with Wesley so being halfway there I thought 8 lbs was a little low.  Apparently, I like to pack on the pounds in the last half of my pregnancy.  So bring on the food! 

No, we don't have a name although if you ask Lawson she has a name and she doesn't mind telling everyone. 

I guess that is it from here.  No pictures today...someone has already informed me that my face is "Pregnancy Face" it is nice to know my weight has gone to my face before my belly!!!!


Mommy said...

What does Lawson want to name her?

*So glad that you are feeling good and energized!

Lauren said...

I just want to say... it wasn't me that said that you had "pregnancy face." I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going by. She will be here before we know it!